Below is how to recieve toast-notifications for gotify on windows

  1. We have to allow powershell scripts run set-executionpolicy remotesigned as admin in powershell

  2. Install BurntToast in powershell. Open powershell as admin then type Install-Module -Name BurntToast it will ask some questions just hit yes to all of them

  3. Download websocat_win64.exe from Github HERE

  4. Below is the script

    param ($domain="", $token="AAAAAAAA")
    C:\Users\user\Downloads\websocat_win64.exe "wss://$domain/stream?token=$token" | %{ convertfrom-json $_ } | where-object {$_.message.length -gt 0} |
        $appid = $_.appid
        $icon = iwr https://$domain/application?token=$token -UseBasicParsing |
            %{ (convertfrom-json $_.content) } | where-object {$ -eq $appid} | select -expandproperty image
        new-burnttoastnotification -applogo https://$domain/$icon -Text $_.title, $_.message

Now we have a script we can build a exe from it

  1. Install ps2exe by running powershell as adimn and typing Install-Module -Name ps2exe

  2. Now create the exe Invoke-ps2exe .\gotify.ps1 .\gotify.exe

  3. Now you can run the EXE is it should work as intended

  4. This will create a window poped up. Still working on how to make the script either a service or a scheduled task