Here’s a quick rundown of how usenet works:

The three things required are a server, indexer, and downloaders.

Server: Where you download the articles from. (Eweka, SuperNews)

Indexer: A search engine for the usenet servers. (NZBGeek, NZBCat, DogNZB)

Downloader: This is used to download and extract the files since they are put into RAR files. (NZBGet, SABnzbd)

  1. Arr software searches via the indexer which then sends the .nzb file to the downloader.

  2. The downloader downloads the files from the server the nextracts the RARs into your directory

  3. The Arr software pulls the extracted and downloaded data and moves it to wherever you specify.

  4. Now the data should be imported to media software assuming you connected the software to the Arr software.

The Arr software is below

  • Radarr: Movies

  • Sonarr: TV Shows

  • Lidarr: Music

  • Readarr: Books

  • Prowlarr: Central indexer management